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Size Name DescriptionLocation
<i> Fargesia robusta</i> 'Pingwu' 193 KB Fargesia robusta 'Pingwu' Shoots from 15th April 2018Harwich,Essex,UK
<i> Fargesia robusta</i> 'Pingwu' 185 KB Fargesia robusta 'Pingwu' Shoots from 15th April 2018 Harwich, Essex, UK
<i> Fargesia robusta</i> 'Pingwu' 198 KB Fargesia robusta 'Pingwu' Reddish culm and branches.Slightly smaller leaves, thicker and taller culms, but still tightly clumping.
Photo taken at
East Yorkshire, England
<i> Fargesia robusta</i> 'Pingwu' 86 KB Fargesia robusta 'Pingwu' Photo from Used with permission from David @ Whitelea Nursery. Derbyshire, Great Britain, UK.

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