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Size Name DescriptionLocation
<i> Borinda perlonga</i> 120 KB Borinda perlonga 5/27/18 new shootScotts Valley, CA
<i> Borinda perlonga</i> 112 KB Borinda perlonga 20' tall with foxtail sprays of foliage. Bluish culms when they are under one year old. More info: bamboodirect.comGold Beach, OR
<i> Borinda perlonga</i> 116 KB Borinda perlonga These are in full sun most of the day, and so, color up very well.Nelson, New Zealand
<i> Borinda perlonga</i> 110 KB Borinda perlonga Culm sheath detailNelson, New Zealand
<i> Borinda perlonga</i> 160 KB Borinda perlonga New shoot tip close upNelson, New Zealand
<i> Borinda perlonga</i> 135 KB Borinda perlonga New shoots in Early January, early mid-summerNelson, New Zealand
<i> Borinda perlonga</i> 57 KB Borinda perlonga From
Photo copyright: Gib Cooper, Tradewinds Bamboo Nursery
Used by permission

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