Black dots on bamboo leaves

Controlling pests of bamboo

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Re: Black dots on bamboo leaves

Post by Tarzanus »

An update o this topic... I decided to wait with anti fungal treatment. I'll rather play with them some more :mrgreen:
1. I will try lowering soil pH by adding diluted coffee between waterings.
2. I'll treat them with an aspirin (it's good for everything :lol: )
3. I'll keep spraying them with distilled/rainwater and further increase humidity to at least 50%.

After initial increase of brown colour on their leaves, spreading stopped. Besides, load of new shoots just emerged again. I'll be careful with dosage and stay on the safe side, just in case.

Got some snow today... before the next cold blast hits us next week, starting tomorrow. Rain re-hydrated everything. I fear the worst... :|
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