Bamboo Leaf Damage

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Bamboo Leaf Damage

Post by Danfuch »

Hi All,

I am new to this forum and bamboo growing but not new to growing plants. What a awesome forum.

I am having some problems on my leaves and wanted to see if some can help.
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Re: Bamboo Leaf Damage

Post by Tarzanus »

Does it look something like this?

I did not come to a conclusion regarding this issue. Spraying aspirin dissolved in water over the leaves did seem to help, but after a while, the problem became even more evident. It always happened inside, never outside in the open. I was using LED diode grow lamps. They are purple and plants just love them. Perhaps bamboos are more delicate when it comes to light spectrum and they started blackening.

I guess if the damage is the same, we can try figuring out the problem considering your growing conditions and comparing them with mine.
Chris S
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Re: Bamboo Leaf Damage

Post by Chris S »

I agree that this is not caused by a pest or disease. It looks to me like light-induced anthocyanin production, a protection mechanism to avoid various kinds of damage from excessive radiation - plant sunburn if you like, and something that warrants scientific investigation. I have always dreamed of a purple-leaved ornamental bamboo.
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Re: Bamboo Leaf Damage

Post by Cooper12 »

where are you located? we get this up here in the lower Mountains quite a bit in the winter. They Green up in the Spring. though mine are outside. Our yours in a Greenhouse?
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