Bamboo turning brown, possibly fungus?

Controlling pests of bamboo

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Bamboo turning brown, possibly fungus?

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I've had a bamboo (identified as Bambusa vulgaris "Vittata") for about 5 years & as long as I've had it, the culms keep getting these brown lesions as they get older. Eventually, the entire culm turns dark brown & just doesn't look that great. Doesn't seem to be affecting the upper leaves & the plant seems healthy otherwise.

Just wondering if anyone knew specifically what this is &/or how to treat it. The oldest, gray culms seem to be covered in lichen; it rubs off pretty easily & mostly disappears during the winter. I never water the plant unless the leaves fold up, & even then I'll wait a few days.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated! I live in South Florida.
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