Sick or dying need a little help

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Sick or dying need a little help

Post by Bryan512 »

Hello I’m hoping you can all help me I’ve had my bamboo plant for going on over a decade now. This little guy is growing up to be pretty big but in the last year or so it’s been I don’t know if it’s been sick over it’s on it’s last legs. As you can see in the attached pictures it has that weird scar crusty thing that’s been growing up one of the Stamms and a lot of leaves tips Have been turning brown I takeoff the tip but I feel it doesn’t hold much also some of the leaves have this weird brownie and water thing underneath them. Some leaves are flying in or deep green others are going to sort of white green I’m wondering if it’s the vase maybe those things grow Too big for the small vase it was put in any help Would be great please I don’t want to get rid of this guy he’s been around so long he’s basically a part of the family.
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Re: Sick or dying need a little help

Post by dependable »

Might not actually be a bamboo, but in any case, if plant has been in same container for a long time, it will get root bound, and can actually sort of strangle itself with its own roots and start to rot.

I'd try transplanting, cut some of the dense roots off outside of root ball, and put in bigger container with some fresh potting soil and fertilizer.
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Re: Sick or dying need a little help

Post by Tarzanus »

Lucky bamboo. Not bamboo at all.
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