Bamboo in Haiti

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Bamboo in Haiti

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Does anyone know of anyone growing bamboo in Haiti? And success they have had? I have been twice since the earthquake helping a community rebuild and would love to get them some bamboo they can use. So far I have only seen B. Vulgaris which really isn't the best for eating (cyanide), construction, or long-lasting timber.

On a side note - Does anyone know if Guadua has been introduced into the caribbean islands? Maybe I can send some there... is that allowed? Or... can I smuggle some bamboo seeds in? Maybe I can hide them in a bag of sunflower seeds through security. ; )

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Re: Bamboo in Haiti

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Googling it should give you a better idea what is going on there. This link mentions how they are growing better varieties.
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Re: Bamboo in Haiti

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The World Bamboo Organization has a Bamboo Housing Project to provide shelter in Haiti. There is also a five year plan to establish bamboo plantations there.
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