Lantern building workshop by Charissa Brock

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Lantern building workshop by Charissa Brock

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Hello friends!

For Ned Jaquith's Memorial my students and I will be doing a special art project that will help decorate one of Ned’s favorite bamboo groves at Bamboo Garden. I had the idea to light up Ned’s prized Moso Grove (where Ned’s memorial will be taking place July 13th, 2013) with handmade fabric lanterns made to look like a translucent illuminated bamboo cane.

These lanterns will be made out of a translucent cloth sewn into the form of 8 to 12-foot tall bamboo canes. Wire rings will act as a skeleton to hold the cloth in a cylindrical shape and mimic the bamboo nodes. A bottom to the cane will be created out of stiff plastic to hold LED battery operated lights.

To make these lanterns I am offering a workshop. There is no class tuition and all I will be asking is that each student pay for the materials to make the lanterns. The lanterns will be made in class; I will take them to Bamboo Garden and hang them in the grove on Friday July 12th. After the memorial is over (and I have photographed the lit up grove) students may take their lamps home, or pick them up at my house. Students can come help hang the lanterns if they want.

This will look wonderful in the evening, especially with the Taiko drummers performing. Wont you come and join us in making a lamp?

We will be using sewing machines, and doing a small amount of hand sewing. If you have never used one do not despair, I will teach you, we are sewing straight lines. If you have a sewing machine you would be willing to loan for this project that would be much appreciated. Students can make as many or as few lamps as they want. I am ordering supplies for 15 lamps.

The class will take place Saturday June 29th from 2-6 pm and Sunday June 30 from 2-6 pm in my studio in Portland Oregon. If all lamps do not get done more class time will be offered before the memorial based on schedules.

The cost of the materials is $48.Registration and payment for the class can be done by calling Bamboo Garden at 503-647-2700. Please register early to reserve your spot!

Thank you!

Charissa Brock
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