Borinda albocerea Yunnan 1 v 2

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Borinda albocerea Yunnan 1 v 2

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Yunnan 1, was said to have better colour with a larger leaf size, whislt #2 was said to have a smaller leaf giving a more elegant look with a lack of colour.

After growing both here, the diffrences are quite distinct.

Yunnan 1 , my fav, the colour is almost white, giving an amazing look against the small/medium leaves it's also very sparse in leaf showing the white culms off to their best.


Yunnan 2, said to be more elegant with a smaller leaf but lacking culm colour, my plant , whilst treated the same as the above is smaller, the description remains true however, without culm colour.


The pic's aren't quite fair, due to the size of the plants, #1 having established so much quicker , it's always going to better on film, having said that , the new bloom is whiter that any other new intro and look's stunning.IMHO

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