Late season shooting

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Late season shooting

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I planted 9 Chusquea Gigantea pots in the spring just before shooting season started - temps were scraping 35F in the night and 50F or so during the day. I got some good shoots during the normal season, then during the summer those shoots grew to a good height - matching or exceeding the existing canes on average. I was pleased with the first crop of shoots, for sure. Everything stayed watered during the summer, which stayed in the high 70s/low 80s. Nothing outrageous.

I check on the plants after the first big rains of the year and Lo! There is at least one massive-girth new shoot on each of the plantings. Each of these shoots exceeds the diameter of the plantings and will be massively tall.

Two questions:

1) Does the late shooting indicate that I didn't water the plants enough during the summer? I had a 2x / week schedule with 2 Gallons per watering per plant. The leaves stayed green and lush without curling.

2) We are about 3 weeks away from the first frost (Canada Eh?), will this stop all in-progress shoots? Or should they keep growing despite the cooler weather.

Pic attached for more visual-aids using my patent-pending bamboo stick.
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