Otatea Acuminata seedlings struggling - seeking advice

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Otatea Acuminata seedlings struggling - seeking advice

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Hi, My mexican weeping bamboo flowered and died last southern hemisphere summer. I planted a lot of seed - handfuls, maybe hundreds or thousands of seed mixed in with potting mix because I had heard that they don't set viable seed. A handful of seed germinated (maybe 6 to 10 seedlings) causing great excitement but they are not growing very well. I lost a few after transplanting and have two transplanted seedlings surviving but not looking good. Those that weren't transplanted look a bit better, but still not growing that well.
Has anybody had any experience growing mexican weeping bamboo seedlings? What are the best growing conditions, a cooler shadehouse or a warmer more humid hothouse? Are there any special soil conditions, do they like plenty of water? fertiliser? and any suggestions on pH or other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I would love to see some of these babies through to maturity,
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