Are leaves from new branches more sensitive and curl easier?

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Are leaves from new branches more sensitive and curl easier?

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New bamboo fanatic in socal. I've read that curling means not enough water and drooping leaves means too much water. I'm starting to see some curling leaves. I noticed most of the curling leaves are from new branching. Is this normal? Are these leaves more sensitive (to perhaps sunlight?) < 5% of curling leaves are from non-new branches. Not sure if I should water more in this situation. I already went through a few mishaps during my new passion of bamboo. Some of the bamboo I purchased were 25gal which I divided and I wasn't fully aware of the special care needed. Some of those divisions are showing signs of life others aren't. But it's only been < 2 months. I also did a phase of over watering. The gardener who installed my drip irrigation told me to water 100 minutes daily but didn't say for how long to do this.
I did so for a few weeks After a few weeks i realized the bamboo did not look happy and that I was over watering.

More info:
Some are 15 gal buddha belly
Some are 15 gal ventricosa alphonse karr
Some are 15 gal old hamii
Some are 25 gal bambusa textillis. These were the divided ones.

Most of the divisions had most of their leaves turn dead tan looking with a tiny amount of green leaves. As I said I see some branching in a couple of the divisions. A few don't have any branching showing (yet I hope)

Thanks for the help.

I guess a follow up question: how long of not seeing signs of life in some of these divisions until I deem it a fallen colony? 1 year?

Really happy to join this forum and appreciate the responses. I've been very consumed with bamboo lately. Excited about what my back yard will look like in time.
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