Indocalamus latifolius flowering here

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Indocalamus latifolius flowering here

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Went out to get the mail today and on my way back I noticed a culm of my Indo. latifolius had seeds on it. Then I found 5 other culms with seeds on them as well, I collected a bunch of them in a baggie. They are rather small seeds. Not sure if they are viable or not, as all other bamboo seeds I have collected here from other flowering species that I have had and planted have not been viable. These look like typical grass seeds.

Looking online I do not see any reports of these blooming. So it may be a one-off? I hope so, as I have a lot of latifolius here. Over a dozen. And lots of runners that I have potted up. They may all have to go the way of the Henon and to the goat across the street. Munch munch munch. Goat likes bamboo. He is a very mellow French dairy goat.
Happy trails...
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