Help with ID

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Help with ID

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Can someone help me figure out what type of bamboo I have here? I know its a running type because it goes a groove in the stalks. Not sure what type. I live in Parkville, Maryland. Unsure of the source of the bamboo, it was planted when we moved in.

Photos =
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Re: Help with ID

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Greetings, it's a form of Phyllostachys aureosulcata, most likely the type form ' Yellow Groove', you'll be able to confirm if you look at the younger (darker green) culms and look for a (wait for it) yellow groove. The groove you mentioned jumps from one side of the culm to the other from branch to branch and in Yellow Groove that groove s/b yellow whereas the rest of the culm is green. If you do not find yellow on any of them then it is the 'Alata' form instead. On more mature culms once the grove has sized up and is not producing lower branches there can be a yellow stripe where the groove would normally be.

Look at this species on the bamboo photos page here and you'll find tons of photos with the yellow groove so you'll know what to look for.
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