Bamboo vs hardwood flooring

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Re: Bamboo vs hardwood flooring

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Dunno about the one at Lowes but dig your fingernail into the display piece, look for the appearance of quality in terms of are the laminate strip evenly & well glued - look at it on edge and see if the pieces seem consistently made and tough to scratch. My Lowes equivalent has held up very nicely.
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Re: Bamboo vs hardwood flooring

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The bamboo flooring I have seen has more plastic than bamboo. no doubt they vary in quality, consistency & price. The stuff I saw was a decent flooring product, but was mostly some sort of acrylic w some fiber that happened to be bamboo.
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Re: Bamboo vs hardwood flooring

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has anyone here got bamboo decking? im considering doing this but i want some feedback on it before i go ahead!
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Re: Bamboo vs hardwood flooring

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Hello Everyone,

One of the biggest benefits of bamboo is its ability to regenerate so quickly, and another is the extreme toughness of strand woven bamboo. check this website Its eco-friendliness is because bamboo is a grass and not hardwood. The bamboo plant can regenerate in as little as 5 years. Compare that to hardwood trees that can take over 30 years to grow before being harvested. Bamboo is simply some of the best flooring and a logical choice for homeowners who want the warmth and beauty of hardwood but don’t want to add to the destruction of the world’s rainforests.
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