Interesting article..Arundo donax

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Interesting article..Arundo donax

Post by Samajax » ... u-20121118

What do you folks from around North Carolina think of this plan?
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Re: Interesting article..Arundo donax

Post by bamboothew »

I love Arundo, especially the variegated cultivars! It seems to mostly be a problem when it is planted near a waterway, where pieces of stem or rhizome can break off and flow downstream. Planted in plantations for biomass or used as a garden ornamental, it really isn't much of a problem--as long as you are sure to plant it where you want it to stay :) It has clumping rhizomes and spreads at a snail's pace compared to running bamboo. Btw, this seems to be another plant that people claim can only be killed with expensive chemicals and machinery--how convenient :roll:
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Re: Interesting article..Arundo donax

Post by Iowaboo »

Sounds like a good plan, perennial biomass is better than the annual stuff. So far, Arundo donax has been my tallest grass, in 15-20' range, and it didn't take a long time to get there. Though that clump was taken out by the cold one winter, so is only marginally hardy in my cold zone.
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