Who has Koi?

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Who has Koi?

Post by oZmonKey »

Not the phylostachys, but the fishies.

I've been wanting a small pond for ages but haven't got it done yet.
A few years ago I had some smaller pet store koi kept in a 600 gallon rubbermaid cattle trough in my garage, but that wasn't optimum.

I reckon koi ponds are natural buddies with bamboo stands and I want to see the pictures. :D
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Re: Who has Koi?

Post by canadianplant »

Depends on a few things:

Do you want a natural clay bottom or lining?
IF a lining, what kind? Concrete, rubber, cast mold, spray on?
Can you keep them in the ground over winter or HOW are you able to keep then out side all winter?
Do you wish to keep the fish long term, or give them away when they are too big?
Do you want to incorperate a big/wetland?
Do you wish to use it to supplement water for gardening, by using grey water and/or water from the gutters?
What type of water/pond plants do you prefer?
Do you want to use filters, or try natural filtration?
Do you want to toss in some frogs or other life?

My grandma has a 30 000 gallon pond, so Im aware of the work that needs to go into upkeep of such a large system.

In most places, if the water is 3 feet deep, you should be able to over winter them. The larger (more gallons) it is, the more self sufficiant it will be. A trash can, with some non treated floor pads for zamboni machines work good to get particulate matter out of the water. Use a waterfall or fountain to keep the water flowing. 2000 gallons isnt too big if you concider depth.

The other option is get one of the small 100 gallon pre formed ponds, and swap the fish in it every year, or keep them inside in a fish tank over the winter (give them away).
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