Drying bamboo

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Drying bamboo

Post by bigone5500 »

How do I get large diameter cuttings, ~2 - 3", to dry without splitting?
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Re: Drying bamboo

Post by Lindsaybrew »

Hi Bigone! I usually cook the cups on 200 degrees (or less) for 20 minutes to an hour. Happy crafting!!
I do this with all my stuff & you can check it out if you'd like at my shop www.Etsy.com/Shop/EcologicAlife

I cook/kiln dry everything between 160 and 200 degrees and for 20-60 minutes. you can play around with the time and keep it in longer if the heat is low enough. If your bamboo dries at a low enough heat over a longer period of time you can avoid cracking.

What kind of bamboo are you using?
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