Growing puffball mushrooms on the floor of my greenhouse

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Growing puffball mushrooms on the floor of my greenhouse

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One thing that separates my greenhouse from any ordinary greenhouse is that there is a lot of rotting materials or bio-matter, a lot of which has yet to be broken down.

I decided to order 20 grams of the giant pufball "Calvatia gigantea" mainly for show, but I would guess that they may increase the CO2 concentrations in the greenhouse while the cover is still on. Has anyone grown mushrooms this way before?

One issue that may make this tough is that there are thousands of worms, and they could potentially eat the mycelium as it forms. The only way around this would be to grow them in bags on top of the soil with moistened wood shavings.

I've grown reishi mushrooms on a rotting stump before which worked very well as the entire thing got inoculated sending up flush after flush. I don't even eat this stuff, but like to see it grow. I'm hoping to get some enormous basketball sized puffball mushrooms.
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