Optimal size requirements for growing bamboo

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Optimal size requirements for growing bamboo

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Hey all. I'm trying to get started with growing my own bamboo and am looking for some advice. I'm probably going to grow either Phyllostachys dulcis or Bambusa oldhamii. For the first year or so I want to focus on harvesting young shoots for cooking, while letting a few of the shoots continue to grow. I have a 15x7x7 tunnel greenhouse to keep them in and plan to stick with growing them in containers only.

What sort of container dimensions should I go with to maximize the density of shoots I can grow?
If I'm just growing shoots, can the containers be relatively shallow?
Should I start from seeds, or are rhizome cuttings the way to go?

Any other tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, and I look forward to spending plenty of time on here in the future :D
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