new and in need of advice

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new and in need of advice

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So i am a complete newb at this. (not even sure if this is the right place for me to ask, if not, I apologize)
I was recently given some bamboo from a friends yard. I an unsure of the species but it is a clumping variety that supposedly doesn't spread wildly. The shoots were dug out with roots intact, though some clumps were separated and some roots got broken a bit.
I've planted them in my yard, added some potting soil (as was recommended though i don't know) and watered them. Some of them seem to be doing fine. They are still green and healthy looking. Others, however have some browning on the leaves now.
Is it normal that the leaves will do that and hopefully they'll still flourish?
Is it a bad sign that its too late?
Or is there something i can do to keep them alive and thrive?
Any info i need to provide to better help me?
thanks in advance.
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