Bamboo Muffler

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Bamboo Muffler

Post by foxd »

I stumbled across this looking for something else. Apparently bamboo can be used to replace the silencer(muffler) on motorcycles. :shock: ... 56038.html

(In case you were wondering what I was actually looking for, I had one of those suggested postings on Facebook that was showing various activities of soldiers and I happened to notice one of them screwing something onto the end of their gun. I just had to go back in the video and take a close look because it was a piece of bamboo.) :shock:
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Re: Bamboo Muffler

Post by Rufledt »

No way! That's amazing. I'm part of a forum for a magazine that hosts cheap car racing, I'm sure some of them would be interested in this! Budgets are set super tight and ingenuity is rewarded, I've seen lots of plywood used but no bamboo that I can remember . I'm sharing this with them.
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